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A History of the World in 100 Objects, Allen Lane
A History of the World in 100 Objects – Allen Lane

Thoughtful Gardening, Particular Books
Thoughtful Gardening – Particular Books

The Arts of Japan, Royal Collection Trust
The Arts of Japan – Royal Collection Trust

Sapiens, Harvill Secker
Sapiens – Harvill Secker

Too Good to Waste, Nourish
Too Good To Waste – Nourish

Archaeology, Thames and Hudson
Archaeology – Thames and Hudson

PhD thesis, University of Reading
PhD Thesis – University of Reading

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts, Allen Lane
Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts – Allen Lane

Germany, Allen Lane
Germany – Allen Lane

Incarnations, Allen Lane
Incarnations – Allen Lane

Living with the Gods, Allen Lane
Living with the Gods – Allen Lane

Shakespeare's Restless World, Allen Lane
Shakespeare’s Restless World – Allen Lane

Real Cooking, Hamish Hamilton
Real Cooking – Hamish Hamilton

Heritage Paths of Scotland (proposal), Scotways
Heritage Paths of Scotland – Scotways

Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Faber and Faber
Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture – Faber and Faber

Manchester, Pevsner Architectural Guides
Manchester – Pevsner Architectural Guides

Colour, Folio Society
Colour – Folio Society

Protecting the Family fortune, Campden Publications
Protecting the Family Fortune – Campden Publications

Wales, Allen Lane
Wales – Allen Lane

Life, Folio Society
Life – Folio Society

The House Without Windows, Hamish Hamilton
The House Without Windows – Hamish Hamilton

A Field Guide to Reality, Riverrun
A Field Guide to Reality – Riverrun

The Wonder of Whiffling, Particular Books
The Wonder of Whiffling – Particular Books

Springwatch, Collins
Springwatch – Collins

Ffangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth, Faber and Faber
Ffangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth
Faber and Faber

Dictators' Homes, Fourth Estate
Dictators’ Homes – Fourth Estate

Beyond the Naked Eye, National Gallery Company
Beyond the Naked Eye – National Gallery Company

The Journey of Man, Allen Lane
The Journey of Man – Allen Lane

England's Thousand Best Churches and England's Thousand Best Houses, Allen Lane
England’s Thousand Best Churches and
England’s Thousand Best Houses – Allen Lane

Vladimir Nabokov, Penguin Books
Vladimir Nabokov – Penguin Books

Science, A History, Allen Lane
Science: A History – Allen Lane

Band of Brothers, Michael Joseph
Band of Brothers – Michael Joseph

Wealth Beyond Measure, Gaia Books
Wealth Beyond Measure – Gaia Books