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Blackfriars Station

Blackfriars Station has been completely rebuilt, based on an architectural concept by Will Alsop.

In conjunction with Design Research Unit (architects) and Davis Associates (ergonomists) I developed the wayfinding strategy and fixed customer signage for the Network Rail station.

The rebuilt station has four platforms spanning the width of the river, with access and ticket halls on north and south banks of the Thames.

The station deals with large numbers of passengers and frequent trains at peak times, so it is critical that people find their way as easily as possible to limit congestion and maximise passenger ease and safety.

The station is still under construction, and some elements of the scheme have been changed since we handed over the work. The illustrations below are a selection from our design presentations.

Visualisation of graphics for the north entrance to Blackfriars Station:

Blackfriars Station main site signage 01

One of our set of plans showing locations for sign graphics:

Blackfriars Station sign location plan

One of our suite of sign types, in this case for suspended signs:

Blackfriars Station signage type

Station name signs and direction signs along the platforms. Outer platforms have glass walls with a panoramic view over the Thames, our station name signs are three-dimensional letters that sit in front of a ribbon of frosting so that they are distinguishable from the complex view they sit in front of without obstructing that view more than necessary:

Blackfriars Station platform signage

Blackfriars Station platform signage

The platforms at Blackfriars Station will be long, we proposed a system of zoning to ensure that passengers stand in the right part of the platform:

Blackfriars Station zone signage

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