Aspects of Contemporary Book Design

Richard Hendel’s book Aspects of Contemporary Book Design includes my extended essay Backwards and in high heels: the glamorous work of book design, an in-depth examination of my practice as a book designer.

As it says on the cover: ‘In Aspects of Contemporary Book Design, Richard Hendel has invited book and journal designers he admires to describe how they approach and practice their craft. Blending his roles as designer, author, interviewer and editor, Hendel reaches across both sides of the drafting table – both real and virtual – to create a book that will appeal to aspiring and seasoned book designers as well as writers, editors, and readers who want to know more about the visual presentation of the written word. A unique title page-to-index guide to the ways that professional British and American designers think about design, this book continues the conversation that began with Hendel’s 1998 classic, On Book Design.’

Available in all good book shops now.

book detail

book detail

Find out more from the publisher’s website, or please email me or phone +44 (0)7974 176656.