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Books in colour:

Shakespeare's Restless World, Allen Lane

Thoughtful Gardening, Particular Books

A History of the World in 100 Objects, Allen Lane

Heritage Paths of Scotland (proposal), Scotways

Colour, The Folio Society

Protecting the Family fortune, Campden Publications

Wales, Allen Lane

Life, The Folio Society

Springwatch, HarperCollins

Dictators' Homes, fourth Estate

Beyond the Naked Eye, The National Gallery

The Journey of Man, Allen Lane

England's Thousand Best Churches and England's Thousane Best Houses, Allen Lane

Vladimir Nabokov, Penguin Books

Real Cooking, Hamish Hamilton

Band of Brothers, Michael Joseph

Wealth Beyond Measure, Gaia Books

Books in black and white.

Magazines, reports, and other documents.

Wayfinding systems.

Billing and explaining billing.

Visual identities.

Arts marketing.