I am a graphic designer specialising in information design.

Most of my work is either book design or wayfinding design or behavioural research.

I help organisations communicate effectively. I do this by helping them to understand the behaviour of their customers and users, and by creating strategies for communication, and by designing their communications.

No challenge is too big (or too small) or too complicated:
we can make something that works and looks good.

I design all sorts of books for publishers including Penguin Books and Thames and Hudson.

I design wayshowing systems in both commercial and public sectors.

I conduct behavioural research to help designers and other businesses understand how and why people do what they do.

I also work on a range of other information design projects. I design reports, forms, and other documents. I design visual identities, and make templates so that organisations can easily create documents that are consistent and match their visual identity. I also design bills and statements and communications that help in explaining billing.

I write, teach, and speak at conferences too.

I am also a founder member of The Five Andrews. We aim to bring joy into the world through movement-based visual theatre. This is an integral part of my creative practice, even if at first glance it looks quite different to my design work shown here.

My website is a work-in-progress. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email me or phone +44 (0)7974 176656.

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